It’s a…BLOG!

Congratulations to ME on the birth of my second blog.  Book, Line, and Sinker was born at 5:30pm today weighing in at 7lbs 11oz. She joins big sister, Curly Wurly Gurly, who is 15 months old.

I planned on naming her either ‘A Novel Idea’ or ‘All Booked Up’, but both names were already taken on WordPress so I went with another choice. 

Let’s  break out the champagne while I decide which book to use for my inaugural review.  Suggestions?

12 responses to “It’s a…BLOG!

  1. Congrats on the new blog! I cannot wait to see what wonderful books you review here.

  2. good luck!
    way to go!

    can’t wait for the first book reviewed.

  3. Hey you! I’m stoked you’ll have a book blog! I’ve got an email coming to you shortly…


  4. I’m kinda glad you got your 3rd choice name because IMO it’s the best, most memorable one! And it’s fun, like you!! Congrats! I’m reading a super good, light, chick lit-type book that I could see you totally loving.. it’s not out yet but I’m giving a copy away in about a week. It’s called One True Theory of Love by Laura Fitzgerald. I flew through the first 100 pages early this morning and wish I could sit and read it all day!

  5. Well congrats on the birth of your new blog. Looking forward to your reviews! Yippeeeeee!

  6. Love your new “babys” name–see you do have babies–=) They just don’t talk back (unless you count us as the voice within)
    Love to read books and about books-will visit often

  7. So here it is, el bloggo nuevo. Congratulations!

    I agree that the name is good and can’t wait to see which books are fine and which are stinkers.

    cwg says: i was thinking of calling bad books “sinkers”. tee hee hee.

  8. YYYAAAYYY! I’m sorry, how did I miss that you’d started a book blog? I suck! But welcome! 🙂

  9. Hey CWG,

    Belated grats on you new blog! I guess on this blog you should be BL&S or BLS instead of CWG. I’m looking forward to your reviews.

  10. It’s beautiful and has your eyes!
    You are totally added to my blogroll.

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