On My Bookshelves: What I haven’t read yet.

books-0012I gave myself an assignment for this weekend: Read at least ONE book from my bookshelves that I’d never read before.  This was a real chore because 98% of the books on the shelves have been read multiple times by yrs. truly.  The shelves are compiled of my childhood favorites, adult favorites, cookbooks, school classics, and a few  books that I just never got around to reading.

Amazingly, there were two great books in that last category, The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs and The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan.  For whatever reasons, I never got around to reading either of those books until this weekend.

Can I just say that both books were great and dealt with the themes of friendships, relationships, and family in realistic and honest ways?  I can’t believe it took me so long to get to these novels! 

The one bit of good news–now I don’t have to wait to read the sequel to TFNKC–Knit Two is already out!  Incidentally, I did read Kate Jacobs’s other book, Comfort Food a few months ago.  It was enjoyable, but I preferred TFNKC.


So, this leaves me to wonder which other gems I’ve overlooked.  Sometimes I avoid books that get too much hype…but must remember not to judge a book by its press or popularity!

13 responses to “On My Bookshelves: What I haven’t read yet.

  1. I kept meaning to read “Catcher in The Rye” and when I finally did sit down to read it, I couldn’t STAND it and gave up on it 2/3 of the way through.

  2. I read The Joy Luck Club in high school and loved it! I was totally dreading it, too, because it was so looooong. And when you’re fifteen, that’s a serious problem. But I finished it in a matter of days at the beginning of the summer and re-read parts before school started.

  3. Trish told me to say hello. Hello! 98% of the books on my shelves have not been read yet. 🙂

  4. I loved The Friday Night Knitting Club. Totally cried buckets at the end, but loved it.

  5. I love seeing stuffed bookshelves! Also that bird on the top of them. Also that giant jack on the table there. Also we have the same layout! 😀

  6. oh, I just see CHOCOLATE when I look at that last picture. Books and books and books, that is delightful.

  7. I love Amy Tan–try The Kitchen God’s Wife as well.

  8. I would kill for shelves like those. Nice and large with all the books mostly read. Unfortunately mine are small, packed, and 98% TBR’s.

    Two of them in fact are from Amy Tan. Joy Luck Club and Saving Fish From Drowning. Can’t wait to see what you thought of the former.

  9. You bookshelves look so neat and tidy compared to mine! I’ve been meaning to get to Tan’s novel for awhile too, and just haven’t picked it up. Thanks for the reminder!

  10. I read and enjoyed both those books. Sadly, Knit Two isn’t as good, but it’s still ok.

  11. Those shelves look great! Great blog, by the way. 🙂

  12. For someone who doesn’t cook you seem to have a conspicuous number of cookbooks…..hmmmmmmmm….


    love you babe.
    send boxes

    natalie says: in my defense, 100% of those cookbooks were GIFTS. i swear. and i used to store them in my oven…but i started to worry about them catching fire. miss you too. welcome to the new digs.

  13. The Joy Luck Club is one of my favorite books, probably because it reinforced my feeling that women have more in common than they realize, and this is true regardless of age, race, ethnicity, social class, geographic origin, and so forth. I actually saw the movie first and was so affected by it that I checked out the book the next week.

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