‘You down wit’ O-C-D? Yeah, you know me…’

I had no idea that my blogging buddy Trish was going to use a screen-print of my blog for all the world to see…and I was so horrified by the state of my book cabinet that I hurried on down to the den and reorganized it…by color.  Seriously. 


I’m still tweaking it…not sure if maroons, pinks, and purples should be integrated into the red family or not…same with the golds into the yellows.  It’s a work in progress.

21 responses to “‘You down wit’ O-C-D? Yeah, you know me…’

  1. ROFL

    I recently took a pic of mine and did the same thing — but not by color: by size.

    Well, that was after I separated the hardcovers from the trade paperbacks from the mass markets.

    Needless to say, I completely understand.

  2. That is so pretty! Strange thing to say, I know.

  3. ooo! That IS gorgeous! It certainly makes the room pop! hahah I don’t know how you’d find anything though if you forgot what colour the spine was.

  4. Hello there…I found you via Trish, and I have to say I’m enjoying your site! Nice to meet you 🙂

  5. Welcome to the book blogging world! Sorry I haven’t stopped by your other blog in a while, but glad to see you here now!

  6. I absolutely love it! That is possibly the only way I haven’t arranged my books, so I know what will be next. Spring cleaning time?

    cwg says: pictures, pictures!

  7. LOL by color…who would have thought that would be a way to organize books. can you find everything ok?

    natalie says: oh, these are my favorite books and i could find any one of them in a flash. i could never do this with my other bookshelves! 🙂

  8. Too funny. I love it, but I could never do the same. Just the thought of emptying my bookshelves and trying to sort the books is daunting! I’m into organized clutter.

  9. Very nice looking. I have to say, I go alphabetically by author. But this looks way better.

  10. This is beautiful! Mine certainly doesn’t look like that!!

  11. Very, very pretty. If I had enough bookshelves to actually house all my books I’d probably do this too. 🙂

    natalie says: well, this is only one of my book cabinets. you’ll notice i’m not showing what the others look like. hee hee.

  12. Oh that is funny! I just reorganized my own shelves this past weekend! You and I are going to get along I think.

  13. I love you! You know what hamentashcen is!


  14. I look forward to more bookish blogging from you! Thanks to Trish. Are you going to leave the rearranged-by-color books as is?

    cwg says: oh, yeah. i didn’t do all that work for nothing! but i may tweak the maroon/red yellow/gold arrangments…

  15. I thought your shelves looked neat in the last picture, but now it’s a little scary… but not in a bad way 🙂 I used to line mine up by size– big books on either end, and shorter one’s toward the middle, so all my rows looked like U’s. I was obsessive about it for about 2 years–now my dorm doesn’t even have shelves, so books are stacked on the floor and windowsill and everywhere else!

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  17. I think every should do this to their bookshelves. It would make everything way prettier.

  18. Wow, it looks great. But I liked it before, too!

  19. This tempts me to do it to our shelves, I love it.

  20. Looks so pretty! I’ve done this before, but couldn’t sleep knowing titles by the same author are separate from one another, lol! So I put them back in alphabetical order, by author. 😀

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