Renew Your Subscription: Do you read magazines?

My reading habits extend beyond hardcovers and paperbacks; I love reading magazines.  (Also, for many years I was strong-armed into supporting young family members who pimped magazine subscriptions for school fund raisers.)  Many of my subscriptions have expired and only one magazine shows up in my mailbox these days.


Cottage Living was one of my favorite magazines but recently became a victim of the tanking economy.  The parent company now sends me Coastal Living as a replacement–a nice magazine–but Cottage Living was more my style.   For your reading pleasure, here are the magazines I’ve subscribed to at various points in my life. 

  • Sassy  (Loved this one as a teenager!)
  • Seventeen (I liked the prom issue best.)
  • Highlights (My mom ordered it for me…I loved Goofus and Gallant and always sided with Goofus cause I’m a bad egg.)
  • Bop (Let’s not discuss this…)
  • Vanity Fair (Too many advertisements…but I loved the Proust Questionnaire on the last page.)
  • Martha Stewart Living (Crafts shouldn’t take weeks to complete and cost hundreds of dollars…Halloween issue is the best!)
  • Vermont Life (I want to be crunchy and live in VT…)
  • Cottage Living (Realistic decorating tips and vacation ideas in every other issue–now defunct.  Boo!)
  • Travel (Yeah, sure…I’ll be traveling to the Maldives really soon.  Ha.)
  • Town & County  (For a short time, I was entertaining the idea of being an heiress…)
  • Real Simple (Clever ideas and organization tips!)
  • Blue Print (A Martha Stewart magazine for the 20 & 30-something crowd.)
  • Paula Deen (I love butter, what can I say?!?)
  • New York Magazine (My dad refers to this one as a liberal rag…)
  • Everyday with Rachel Ray  (Another failed attempt at finding decent recipes that I will eat.)
  • Newsweek (I tried to be a bit more globally-minded…but this isn’t the best vehicle for that.)
  • People (I’m humiliated to admit this one but it was back when I was in college, if that’s any excuse.)
  • So jump aboard!  Which magazines do you subscribe to?  If you don’t get any magazines, I’m going to fill out a bunch of those ANNOYING little cards for you, checking off the ”Bill Me YOU Later!” option.  Then you will be forced onto the band wagon with me.

    *Note: This isn’t a case of deja vu if this post seems familiar…I blogged about this topic on my life blog a while back.

    24 responses to “Renew Your Subscription: Do you read magazines?

    1. I don’t get any magazines. My mom will pass some of her old ones on to me, but I find I don’t read them.

    2. Ooh.. delicious post. It brings back memories. My older sister read YM and Seventeen in our teens, but mine was Sassy! I also read Smash Hits, when I was obsessed with post-modern rock. While my younger sister read Bop and Big Bopper, ha ha. 😀

      College, I read Rolling Stones and Mademoiselle. After college, Martha Stewart Living, for the wedding issues, especially.

      My most recent subscriptions: MacLean’s, Quill & Quire (recently stopped both due to budgetary reasons), and Domino (sniff.. sniff.. my favourite, and it’s no more).

      So for the last months I haven’t read any magazines except my husband’s food mags. I don’t miss them all that much. I’m quite content with my books, and my stack of old Domino mags. 😀

    3. Since starting the book blog and having more and more books sent to me, either for review or through winning s in giveaways, I have had a lot less time for my magazine subscriptions. The ones that have just gone past renewal are Real Simple, Cooking Light and Interweave Knits. First two were to get me motivated cook and get my home organized (which didn’t really happen). Before these I used to get InStyle and Elle.

    4. Growing up – I used to get Seventeen, Smash Hits and No1. Now the only one I get is Scrapbook Inspirations. I would love to get a magazine just about books, but I haven’t really seen any I like

    5. Highlights! I always forget about that one, but my mom ordered that for my brother and I for many years.

      I tried Everyday with Rachel Ray for a year, but I’ve reached a point in life where I think the majority of her recipes are too unhealthy.

      Now I only subscribe to two magazines because otherwise they pile up unread due to that slow reading problem I have 🙂 Cooking Light is one of them, and I have found some of my most favorite recipes there. The other is Bookmarks, which my husband teases me about all the time…”oh, you’re reading your book about books.”

    6. I’ve never suscribed to any magazine, but I bought many of them for sure. Mainly photography magazines since it is one of my other addictions besides reading. My favor goes to those who share photographer’s work more than the technical ones. I love the B&W magazine but it’s far from cheap, so I only buy it when I’m really, really interested in the pictures. I often buy “Photo”, a french one.

      Other than that, it’s history and art magazines. A little fashion too, like Vogue when I see a photoshoot that I love (I don’t read Voguer, I look at it, so I especially love when they have those gigantic issues with lots of publicities! lol!)

    7. Since you are recycling, I am too.

      Okay, first Curl – you floor is WAAAAAY too clean. You needs some pets. Might I suggest a kid or two>? Then that Real Simple magazine won’t be so wearisome. At the very least, for your next photo throw a couple candybar wrappers near the bottom of the couch. Makes you look more human.

      Second, my mom used to get People. I noticed every time I read it – or even thumbed through it – I would get this really dirty feeling and had to put it down. Has this ever happened to anyone else? My sister says it happens to her too.

      Third, these are the magazines we subscribe to:

      Nat’l Geographic
      Nat’l Geographic kids (Geo Kids)
      Natural History (I think this comes w/ our membership to the Academy of Natural Sciences here in Philly)
      Smithsonian (Best magazine EVER)
      John gets a bunch of magazines from memberships in IT professionals groups – I never read these.

      We used to get a bunch of cooking magazines – I liked Fine Cooking the best (not just b/c they paid me for some contributions) and Vegetarian Times. I also got Bon Appetit for yrs – my mom always renewed it for me. I don’t gte any of them now that I’m on a low sodium diet. It depresses me too much. I have read my neighbor’s Cooking Light magazine and that one isn’t too bad.

      Have a great day babe! I am off to get our SASSY LADIES OF BLOGDOM tee shirts made!

      • i’m on vacation over here…i have to lay by the pool sometime! i can’t blog every second, you know. (ahem…you went awol from february until april!!!) still love ya and hope you have the best easter. we’re prepping for the big b-b-q over here. hahahahaha.

    8. I’m completely addicted to magazines – but am trying to wean myself off! I like all sorts – don’t actually subscribe to any but pick up ones when I am shopping all the time. I especially like to read ones from the UK – makes me feel like I am living there!

    9. You CRACK me UP! I love it! Even hubby was laughing with me.

      Last year I went a little mag subscription crazy (homesick and all) and had six going at once.

      Real Simple (some tips were a bit too obvious, do they think we have no common sense? but the recipes ROCK.)

      Vanity Fair (my attempt being a little more worldly and I like the Letters from the Editor.)

      Gourmet Magazine (Hubby and I would drool over the pictures and wish we could make some of the recipes here but with the limited fancy ingredient resources here in Okinawa, we have to wait till we move home to DC to try out a lot of dishes.)

      Bon Apetite! (Another “Wish we could make that.” mag. Oh, btw, we are saving those issues, even though the recipes are on the websites.)

      Domino (Their last issue was last month. They died too. Thanks Economy!)

      Elle Magazine (Good reviews, well rounded and easy to pick up off the coffee table.)

      With our move back to the States next month I will be reinstating most of those subscriptions and maybe some others.

      I’m sorry about your mag that Cottage Living. I have a friend that loves Coastal Living though and they do have good recipes.

    10. I subscribe to Seed and Bookmarks. We get them at the library so I’ve considered canceling my subscriptions but I haven’t yet. They look so nice on my coffee table 🙂

    11. I subscribe to several mags ( I won’t bore you by listing them all; since currently there’s about eight of them). One thing I’ve been doing is letting all my food mags lapse because I just never make recipes from them. And have you noticed they all arrive at the same time? so I always have a stack to work through every month :-).

    12. I’ll just recycle my comments too.

      CurlyWurlyGurly Blog comment #2505.

      The second one is #2509, but more than one link in a comment usually sends it to moderation limbo.

    13. I never had magazine subscriptions after college, and I just cancelled a bunch for budgetary reasons, but up until a few months ago I was getting Smithsonian, Time, National Geographic, The Week, Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair, Dwell and Los Angeles Magazine. Now I’m just down to Time and NG. I miss the others, but try to catch them on line.

      Love this post!

    14. I subscribe to two…Entertainment Weekly and (feeling slightly embarrassed) the LOST magazine. 😉

    15. I don’t subscribe to any magazines right now, but when I saw a copy of Martha Stewart living at the dentist’s office, I devoured it like it was a chocolate bunny. I love magazines!

    16. I used to get Family Fun and Parents but they finally stopped coming (I never subscribed to either yet they kept arriving in my mailbox-I think they must have been gift subscriptions when my kids were born). I was getting Cooking Light and Creating Keepsakes for a few years (I keep those forever as a reference). The only ones I get now are Oprah and Shape and I never have time to read them!

    17. I used to LOVE highlights!

      Now I get Everyday with Rachael Ray, Food Network Magazine, and Better Homes and Gardens. I need to get better about actually reading them though….I get swept up in a book and forget that I have a magazine sitting around.

    18. Bicycle
      Scientific American

    19. I used to get Brain, Child and Mental_Floss, but now I don’t subscribe to any. I occasionally buy a random quilting magazine, and I’m considering subscribing to Oprah at home.

    20. I love magazines for bathroom reading!

      I really enjoy Real Simple — I am always ripping out pages of good ideas to try and remember and putting them in a binder.

      I get Us Weekly and Entertainment Weekly — fulfills my need for celebrity gossip and entertainment news

      I also get Wondertime and Parenting (the new “school age” child version) because, well, I have a kid now and they are helpful.

    21. I get the Reader’s Digest every month.. That is the only mag I subscribe to as of now. I occasionally pick up a mag in the grocery store if I find an interesting article.. but that’s about it.

    22. ==>”I want to be crunchy and live in VT”

      This has a nice cadence to it.

    23. I am way too cheap to subscribe to most magazines. BUT, I did love it when in high school we got Time mag for free. It was boarding school and there wasn’t much to do if that explains anything.

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