Pleasure Reading: Tax Booklets

Tonight I find myself victim of that annoying vacation time warp–you know what I’m talking about–your vacation stretches out in front of you like a desert, and then Poof! you’re home from the trip wondering where the time went.  I don’t have to return to work until Monday, but had to come home from visiting my parental units in Florida today because…


I know, I know…procrastination is my middle name.  Tomorrow is April 15th–the DEADLINE, unless an extension has been filed (which I didn’t do). 

My hubs and I have an appointment with Vinny “The Neck” at 6pm tomorrow and to be honest, he scares us more than the IRS.  He always comes up with questionable write-offs and shady deductions…but we can’t break up with him because he knows where we live.  I hope that stripes will be flattering on me.

And you?  Are your taxes already done?  Do you read the little booklets from the library and do them yourself or do you go see someone for help?  Please tell me I’m not alone in my last minute preparations…

21 responses to “Pleasure Reading: Tax Booklets

  1. I can’t stand stuff hanging over my head, so I got ours done a while ago. It stinks no matter when you do them.

  2. The hubby takes care of the taxes. Yay.
    I believe they are done and turned in via TurboTax. 🙂

  3. Lol, I’m not laughing that you haven’t done your taxes, just your description of your Tax Man.

    Don’t hate me, I did our taxes back in February after we’d finally gotten our W-2’s and everything else we needed. I use TaxActOnline to file ours. We had our refunds about a week later via direct deposit.

  4. ewwww. have fun with “The Neck”.

  5. Until a few years ago my taxes were so simplistic that I did them over the phone (the IRS hadn’t yet perfected the e-filing).

    But mine are all done.

  6. I always did my own taxes, by hand and calculator, despite my lament for math.
    Steve’s mom did his taxes for him until we got Casa Mak (that goes into the “not in this lifetime kiddo” file)
    And now we go to an accountant.
    We filed in the middle of February because we’re collectively dorks.

    Tax-time always reminds me of that guy who was all King of Jeopardy (um, Ken Jennings?) until he lost to the chick who knew that the first quarter was the busiest for accountants.

  7. This is one of the benefits of having a husband who is an accountant…our taxes were filed MONTHS ago, we got our return back, and it’s already been spent…


    nat says: ha! nope. 6pm tonight. i’m eating candy and blogging right now. tee hee hee.

  9. i got my taxes done early this year.. but i took the easy way out.. I just dropped it off at my consultant’s place and he did my work for me:)

  10. I don’t pay taxes as I am not working this year and when I teach they are taken out automatically, but if I did I would be far too disorganised to get them done on time. I have enough trouble paying my bills on time.

  11. Hope you enjoyed your holiday and got to make a dent in those 35 book you took. Glad you liked my book shelves – they are the only thing I have organised in my life – there is disarray every where else!

  12. I thought I left a comment here.
    *checks down the back of sofa*
    Nope, not there.
    *scratches head*

  13. hehehe yes, I know. I left it at CurlyWurlyGurly.
    Well, I am three months of being 40 what do you expect?

  14. I’m anal about my taxes and had them done (w/ help from my accountant) 2 months ago. But, lest this sound like I’m organized, I only do this because I usually desperately need the refund and don’t want to wait for it.

    nat says: hmm…i’m hoping vinny will come up with a refund for us…

  15. I am leery of the IRS and have no idea why so I do my taxes (free online service) as soon as possible so if I mess anything up, it’s early on. I don’t have complicated taxes and never have any problems so I don’t know why the paranoia continues, but oh well…

    I hope all goes well with yours!

  16. LOL! My fiancee waits and does his at the last minute on his own with the booklets from the library. He’s a nut 🙂 Just be glad that tomorrow they will be done!

  17. Taxes? Hmmm. My husband asked me tonight whether ours were done. It’s on my ‘to do’ list, honest.

    Don’t have to have ours in until end of June (in Australia). I probably should do them myself, but I share Holley’s paranoia about the tax department and go to an accountant (so that I have someone to blame if something goes wrong).

    Not that we’ve ever had a problem, but you never know…

    (PS Last time I’m changing my name for the sign-in Nat, honest!)

  18. Every January we print out the W-2 and send it on to my father-in-law who works his magic and sends the paperwork back to us for our signatures and they are off. We got our return a week ago.
    My folks just did theirs over the weekend and wrote out their check. They always seem to owe and wait till the last minute. Before marrying Hubby, I didn’t know you could send your taxes in early! LOL!

  19. What happened with The Neck??

  20. PS: We have been done for weeks. John uses TurboTax online. I am banned from filing ever since The Audit.

  21. We DID NOT have to pay this year!!!!

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