Thoreau I am not.

I hope you’ll excuse my absence over the last few days; I just returned from chaperoning a 2-day wilderness adventure with my students.  The great outdoors, the trees, the lake, the stream, the bugs, THE POLLEN.

After about 17 minutes of sleep on the floor of a bunkhouse, I’m feeling a bit stiff and every minute of my 34.5 years.  We had two days chock full of activities and I discovered the following things about myself:

  1. Though I can barely manage to cook dinner for my husband and me each night, I was able to pull it together and assist with meal prep for 100 students.
  2. I am physically unable to pee in the woods or in a communal bathroom.  (I drove 7.5 miles to the nearest CVS Pharmacy several times in 48 hours.)
  3. I am too old to sleep on the floor of a bunk house. 
  4. My students are smarter than I am: Many purchased inflatable mattresses at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for upwards of $50.  I bought a pool raft for $6 at Crudmart.  Guess who was more comfortable?
  5. Flashlight tag in the woods after dark is STILL a ton of fun.

So, camping and the outdoors are just not my cup of tea.  I survived to tell the tale, but just barely.  I can’t imagine that people camp for fun!!  Tell me it isn’t so.

15 responses to “Thoreau I am not.

  1. Congratulations on making it through your wilderness adventure. I chaperoned an 8th grade band trip to Florida once and it just about did me in!

  2. Wow.
    Perhaps a booking at Princess Camp is more your style.

    (I only pee in the woods when I’m too drunk to make it to the outhouse)

  3. congrats on surviving the wilderness camp! Wow, I can’t sleep on the floor of a cabin either…an inflatable mattress is a must have.

  4. I’ve never been camping so I know I shouldn’t judge but I cannot IMAGINE doing that. I would have totally driven to the CVS too. And probably asked if I could stay there. Haha.

  5. WOW. You really drove to go to the bathroom?

  6. Congrats on surviving. I would not have even attempted it, so well done. I just don’t do camping. My hubby goes on his own, fishing! I need a bathroom and a bed within four walls!

  7. LOL! You should have been like that crazy astronaut woman and just worn a diaper. Oh God, can you imagine the flack you would’ve received for that?

    Maybe a catheter…umm, no.

  8. Good luck with your recovery!

  9. My idea of camping is those Korean hotel rooms with no bed. I guess I’m a little princess-y as well.

  10. I used to LOVE camping. We used to go every summer and then some when I was a kid. Decided to take the kids ourselves this past summer. NOT FUN ANYMORE.

  11. In my head, I think of myself as a lover of nature. In reality though, not so much. I like the “idea” of it but when I actually follow through on a whim I end up pretty miserable.

    I do know that I can pee in the woods. The urge to pee is enough to make me ignore all the creepy crawlies that may potentially bite me in the tush. I don’t handle communal bathrooms well.

    Although you didn’t get much sleep and weren’t all the comfortable, it still sounds as if you had a decent time. Flashlight tag? How cool is that?

  12. I do like to camp for fun, but a) only at campgrounds with real bathrooms, b) our popup camper has heated mattresses, c) we only have to cook for us, and d) we just take a small grill which is pretty much how we cook at home in the summer anyway. Also, some campgrounds have free wifi.

  13. I bet flashlight tag IS still fun! It sounds like you had a fun trip even if camping isn’t your thing 🙂

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