Are You Experienced: Have you been published?

Surely I can’t be the only book worm and blogger who harbors secret fantasies about having something published one day.  When I say published, I don’t mean on WordPress or Blogger–I’m talking publication in a magazine or journal, book or newspaper.

Yes, I’ve always wanted to see my name in print, but what steps have I taken to achieve my lofty goal?  Um, until this week, not too many.  Over the last year I’ve written several articles and essays, but have been hesitant to mail them off because rejection brings out my inner crybaby

I changed all of that on Monday by mailing off a short non-fiction piece for a small magazine.  Said magazine receives upwards of 1,000 submissions each month, but I decided to stop editing and procrastinating and just mail my article before postal rates went up again.

Hanging around book blogging land and seeing all the well-written posts and reviews got me to wondering if there are any other writers out there who have been published or are looking to be published.  I suppose that by nature of blogging we are all writers, but have you ever submitting any pieces for publication?  If not, why not?  If so, how was your writing received?

29 responses to “Are You Experienced: Have you been published?

  1. Back in the 1990s, I wrote some short stories that got published in small magazines. I got paid in copies, but it was still thrilling.

  2. I would love to write for a living, but I am far too lazy to sit down and do it!

  3. I would love love love to be a published writer. I write fiction and poetry. I’m still working on it… I’ve been published in my college’s literary magazine twice, but I’m not sure that counts. I might still go get my MFA in creative writing, but we’ll see. I’m sending a poem off to the Lyric next week. I hope it gets published! Cross your fingers.

    Good luck with your article 🙂

  4. Good for you for sending something out! I just came across your blog and really like it. You’re a talented writer!

    I’ve been published in an academic journal, but, like many of us, hope to send out more one day. It’s interesting how being published “on paper” still means so much.

  5. I’ve thought about trying to write a book (and even have a decent idea) but haven’t actually put aside time to do it. The only magazine I was ever published in was for a digital scrapbooking page I submited. Got $75 bucks for it!!

    • i often wonder how authors manage to write books. i recently read a guest post by a very successful author and she discussed balancing family life and her career as an author.

      i don’t have kids and can’t find the time to sit still for 2 hours to write–how can anyone with a family do it?!?!

      good job on the scrap magazine publication!

  6. I also harbor a desire to be published. I’ve never actually submitted anything to be published so I can’t whine too much about it, but I often wonder why I haven’t…People are always encouraging me to do it, but I never do. Am I scared of rejection? Am I too lazy to actually write something and send it in? ….Definitely made me think with this post…

    • i actually took classes at the university of iowa and in nyc…and figured i should FINALLY try to get a return on my investment. i have an idea for another non-fiction piece and will get to work on it soon. now that i’ve actually mailed something, it doesn’t seem so daunting to submit my work.

  7. Good luck!!! I hope you’re published! And if it makes it, you have to tell us so that we can all run out and buy a copy!

  8. In elementary and middle school, I was published (and won awards) all over the place. But I’ve never considered myself a writer so it hasn’t been a focus for me as an adult.

    The last piece I had published was an ostensibly fictional story about about a girl listening to her brother’s abuse. I can’t even tell you how angry my father was when he discovered that story. I still have the magazine, but no story, as he ripped it out.

    He stole my words.

  9. I’m passing out awards! Pick it up here!

  10. Good luck!! Hope they like your work.

  11. I’ve definitely thought about it. I don’t think I could write fiction, though, because I don’t think I’m creative enough to come up with the story. Maybe historical fiction, but I’m not sure I’m disciplined enough for all the research.

    I start thinking about it extra hard when I see other blogs (not book blogs) that get book deals, like Cake Wrecks or Stuff White People Like. I wonder if perhaps a book blog (or a few) could ever get a book deal. It would be a book about books sort of thing, I imagine.

  12. I have written technical documentation that has been published by the university that I work for and when I was in college I wrote a screenplay that I was encouraged to submit but then got cold feet and decided not to.

    I feel that I have a novel in me. I had a very traumatic childhood and I’ve always felt that there is a story there but the storyline is still cooking. When I hit 40 last year I felt that I was close to getting something down on paper but so far, I haven’t taken the plunge.

    I hope you will keep us posted on the status of your submission.

  13. I’m so impressed with you! I know it will happen for you!

  14. I’ve done some freelance writing in the past (had a children’s game review column in a Florida paper once). I’ve also done a lot of ghostwriting – not fun but it pays the bills. But my focus is on writing fiction now – it’s what I used to do all the time as a kid.

    Good luck with your submission!

  15. I know you posed this question to people who want to break into writing, but I think it’s a valid one even for people who have been published. I used to write features for a major newspaper, but stopped when my first son was born. Nine years later, I’m getting back into writing (but mostly fiction).
    And yes, I still get intimidated pitching ideas to magazines even though I’m having great luck with my fiction! It seems like it is so difficult to break through, but I constantly remind myself not to take it personally. Whether it’s fiction or non, a lot of the formula for success includes luck and timing and perseverance. The catch is that most writers I know, myself included, are sensitive, and rejection hurts. I think the key is just learning to brush it off and not take it too personally and keep writing — and submitting.
    Good luck!

  16. I have written some, but mostly have been timid about “putting my work out there”. But, if I don’t, I won’t know whether it is any good, either, right? I thought I would be on my way to being published by the time I was 30 (which is only 6 months away), and I am not. I am determined that I will have something published by the time I am 40, whether it is a bestseller or a magazine article!

  17. I’m a wannabe writer but I’m lazy so blogging has been it for me. I keep telling myself “Someday” but I don’t really see myself as a fiction writer … more like a comedic newspaper writer … and I doubt I will every get that … or deserve it! Good luck with your submission!

  18. Congrats on the submission and good luck for a publish! I always want to say “I’m writing the next Great American Novel” when people ask me what I do, but I don’t say it cuz I haven’t actually written anything. (I do love saying I’m a substitute teacher! I love the reactions I get.)
    I have a fantasy of being a research asst to a novelist who doesn’t want to do all that work and thus get my name mentioned in the book! So…, when you need some research done, give me a call. 😉

  19. I’ve never submitted anything or even really considered it. I wish you all the best though.

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