Off The Deep End: My Summer Reading Challenge

It’s official: I’m finally doing a challenge!  Thanks to everyone who suggested titles–I’m still accepting suggestions (until I have 35 books)–for my first Reading Challenge.  Clearly I won’t be mistaken for a graphic artist, but I tried my best!  I may tweak it a bit before it’s finally ‘done’.

book challenge

14 responses to “Off The Deep End: My Summer Reading Challenge

  1. I’m curious! Other than getting a 35 book lists from blogger, what will your “rules” be? Will you try to read them all, or only part of them? (Meanwhile, I’m gonna try to think of a book for you!)

    • rules? i have to have rules? how about these:

      1. books must be read between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend.

      2. i will link to and thank bloggers for their suggestions on either my sidebar or on a new page dedicated to my challenge.

      3. i won’t write reviews of the books, but will rate them on my bookmark scale.

      are those enough rules? hee hee.

  2. Love the picture. Good luck with your challenge.

  3. WOW! 35 books! Are you really planning to read 35? I’m very impressed if you manage that – Good luck!

    • i’m going to try my best! i don’t work in the summer, so i have some extra time on my hands. i can ride my bike to the beach and fill my basket with books!!! without the pressure of reviewing the books, this challenge should be a bit easier.

  4. Good luck with the challenge! I’m already in over my head, but this does sound tempting!

  5. I love the button you created. There is no way that I can read so many books during the summer though. I’ll stop by to cheer you on though!

  6. Good luck! I love your button!

  7. Question: Will you thank the bloggers if you hate the book? 😉

    • yes, i’ll thank them for taking the time to suggest. whether or not i like the book is another story. i saw this quote on a book blog and it’s SO true: we never read the same book.

  8. Good luck with the challenge! I’m excited to hear all about it. I’m also going to suggest The Power of Now if you haven’t read that one already. 🙂

  9. Happy reading! Your challenge is such an great way to do a reading challenge.

  10. I think your button come out great!

  11. Best of luck babe – and LOVE the button.

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