Mama don’t take my kodachrome away…

I’m turning 35 (thirty-five!!) in a few days and my husband and family chipped in to buy me a new digital camera.  The camera arrived today and since we’re leaving on our annual road trip in a few days, my husband was merciful enough to give me the camera tonight so I could read the book and test it out before we leave.

With this camera, I graduate from a point and shoot to a digital SLR.  I have a film SLR and have been not-so-secretly pining for a digital for a while.  I was having some fun tonight, firing off shots of a few of my favorite things.

new cam markers

new cam super

new cam perfume

I can’t wait to use this camera outdoors–the road trip will provide ample opportunity I’m sure!  Some highlights include:

  • A visit to a drive-in movie–we’re going to see the new Johnny Depp film under the stars!
  • Riding a train through the woods, along a river.
  • Body sliding down a natural water slide in a Vermont river.
  • Nosing around the town where my paternal grandfather spent his childhood.
  • Visits to independent bookstores, antique shops, and farmers’ markets.
  • A trip to the new Woodstock Museum–this August marks the 40th anniversary of Woodstock–my dad was there way back when!

Compared to our previous trips, this one is a bit tame.  We’ve been to a rodeo in Wyoming, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Wall Drug, The Mitchell Corn Palace, The Madonna Inn, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Memphis, Graceland, Dollywood, Nashville, Houston, Austin, Montana, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cadillac Ranch, and more–all by car! 

What’s on YOUR summer calendar?  Are you going away?  Taking a ‘stay’cation right in your own backyard?  I’m sure that no matter what our plans, we all share one thing–we’ll have plenty of books to read!

26 responses to “Mama don’t take my kodachrome away…

  1. Great shots on the new camera! You should join the Friday Shoot-Outs. Have a great road trip. I’m planning a ‘stay’cation this year taking every friday off for the next two months.

  2. Pretty Pictures!

    I will be heading off to Scotland in a couple weeks! Can’t wait. 🙂

  3. Having a digital SLR makes a big difference to the quality of the photos you can take, as you can take loads without worrying about the film. Enjoy playing with your new camera and have a great birthday!

  4. your road trip sounds fantastic. I hope we get to see pictures, especially now you have a new camera.

  5. LOVE the pictures, especially the first one. 🙂 This summer I’m traveling to England and I’ve never been out of the USA before so I’m quite excited!!

  6. OOOH! Chris so wants a new fancy, camera and I almost want to get him one because the one he has takes FOREVER to take a freaking picture but the camera he wants is SO not cheap and all God’s chillun got a budget.

  7. that camera takes awesome pics! This weekend we’re heading up to my In-Laws’ lake cottage and a couple weeks after that we’re taking a weekend to go up to Traverse City, MI to stay in a jacuzzi suite and hit up some winery tours 🙂 That trip is my birthday present this year and I can hardly wait!

  8. Love the pictures! Your trip sounds like a lot of fun. Happy Birthday!

  9. Oh, we are so having a summer photo SLR shoot off…

  10. oh sooo jealous nat! i can’t wait to get my hands on one of those.

    i’m vacationing in my new living room full of moving boxes ; ) wish your trip took you sf-ward this time too – but sounds like a fun adventure anyway.


  11. I know nothing about cameras except that my trusty, 7-year-old Canon Powershot is soon to be replaced. (Soon is a relative term, which could really means years.)

    Anyhow, would you share the make and model of this wonder of a photo taker? I would like to do some research!

  12. I just turned 36 a couple days ago! Happy Birthday to us both!!
    Love the new camera shots – I almost go everywhere with my digital camera and LOVE it! As for vacations, looking into last minute cruise deals – not sure if it will happen but keeping my fingers crossed!

  13. Great pics! I turn 35 in another month. . .Eep! Sounds like a lovely vacation. We’re heading to Ocean City for a little beach trip in a couple of weeks. However, we’re wimps. We’ll be flying from Ohio. 🙂

  14. we have been taking mini trips to the beach and mountains and local haunts! I am going to Italy in my mind (the actual trip will be next Summer, hopefully) sigh…Have a great time. Love the pics. I have a little Canon Elph and would LOVE a camera with all the bells and whistles…

  15. Sounds like a great trip! Here it is July and we still haven’t decided where to vacation to. Maybe I’ll just take a week off and sit on the patio reading!

  16. I’m laughing at your mention of The Madonna Inn…that’s where I live. Well not at the Inn, obviously, but down the road in Morro Bay.

    Have fun on your adventure!

    • i actually saw the inn on a television program about 10 years ago and swore that i would stay in the ‘cave’ room one day.

      let me tell you that the restaurant and inn were the HIGHLIGHT of the trip. my husband and i never laughed so hard in our lives. it was BEYOND anything i could have ever imagined and we still talk about it with fondness.

  17. Love those photos! Happy vacation and looking forward to great pics from the trip!

  18. Happy Birthday. The pictures look great. Hope you have a great trip.

  19. So vivid! Enjoy! My husband bothered me and bothered me to get a digital SLR last Christmas and I didn’t see the point but finally gave in and his photos have gotten so much better so I understand. And those are some awesome trips!!! Enjoy and Happy Birthday!

  20. Wow! Those shots are amazing! I didn’t realize how “unsharp” other pictures were until I saw those! Your vacation sounds wonderful, too. Looking forward to seeing some of those pictures!

  21. Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday!

  22. those photos are amazing!


  24. Looks like you got some good shots for a first go around. I hope you have a great time with your new digital SLR. I love mine.

  25. Happy birthday! I love your colourful pics! I’m going to Nova Scotia in August for two and a half weeks for a family gathering; it was my mum’s 70th birthday in January, so we’re having a party this summer to celebrate. So far organizing the whole visit has been a bit of a nightmare. (One of my sisters lives in NS; the other is all the way out on the west coast in British Columbia and I’m in the middle in Quebec.)

    I’m jealous of your new camera; my digital camera is soooo slow (and is a point-and-shoot). I’m looking forward to seeing more of your pics!

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