‘Til Books Do Us Part: Is Your Partner a Reader?

My husband and I have been together for 17 years this September–that’s 119 dog years–and I’m only (a freshly-minted) 35!  Since the beginning, we’ve shared a love of reading, though he’s not quite as obsessed as I am.

While traveling this summer, we spent many evenings poking around book stores, and made a special trip to Hobart, NY–the book capital of the Adirondacks–where there are more bookstores than people, or so it seems. 

Ant was content to wander around the bookstore while I snuggled in a leather club chair reading Janet Evanovich’s newest Stephanie Plum novel–I finished it on our third trip to the store!  (I know that I squawked against the series a few posts ago but couldn’t resist!)  It should be noted that we did spend a fair amount of money at the bookstore during our three visits, so I wasn’t a complete parasite.

So, if you’re attached, is your partner/spouse/significant other a reader?  Do you wish he or she was? 


For the record, the bookish hippy IS my husband.  :)

For the record, the bookish hippy IS my husband. 🙂

36 responses to “‘Til Books Do Us Part: Is Your Partner a Reader?

  1. He is a reader. He is a much slower and better reader than I am though.

  2. Nope, my hubby isn’t a reader, but he indulges me, so I don’t complain.

  3. Nope, hub rarely reads fiction. But he lets me read all I want to and tolerates my book obsession. Occasionally, he’ll surprise me but he mostly reads fishing magazines.

  4. yes he’s a reader. He reads much slower than I do, but he uses me as a book screener. When I find one he’d like I add it to the stack on his dresser.

    When we first started dating we openly checked out each others bookshelves the first time we were at each other’s apartments. We clearly had similar tastes in books.

    We also enjoy listening to audiobooks together on road trips.

  5. Sadly, I’m the only reader in the marriage

    Even though he doesn’t share my passion for reading or books, he supports it, financially and otherwise – so to me, that is just as important.

  6. In 17 years of togetherness, Hamburger has read 1 book. And that’s only because he was in Costa Rica with no waves and no tv.

  7. He reads, but not as much or as fast as I do. I’ve introduced him to a couple of authors who have become shared favorites, and one of the things that clicked between us right away was our mutual love for the Harry Potter books :-).

  8. If it is a book about golf or wrestling – I’m embarassed just to be typing that 😉 – he will consider it but otherwise he only reads magazines. He is pretty good with all my reading, but he does complain occasionally when I get stuck in a book I just can’t put down and sneak up to bed as soon as I’m done dinner.

  9. My boyfriend reads the New York Time every day but doesn’t read any books. He loves seeing what I am reading and swears someday he will be a reader…we’ll see. In any case he fully supports my reading and my obsession with books!

  10. My husband reads business-related books and the occassional military history book. Can’t remember the last time he read a novel. Doesn’t read as much as I do. He comments (like once a month!) on how much I spend on books, but not really in a complaining way. I think it’s more in awe that I read this much; or plan to, based on my TBR pile :-).

  11. My husband has read one Sidney Sheldon novel before we met. And has read one Gordon Ramsay autobiography in all of our ten-year marriage. He reads a lot of cookbooks though, because that’s his profession. He has a whole shelf dedicated to them. 😀

  12. My fiance is a reader, thankfully. His taste in books is different from mine, though, because he prefers science fiction and regular science books. He can’t stand historical fiction which perplexes me! He does read slower than I do, but he’s much busier than I am, so it’s all good.

  13. Thank goodness my DH is a reader. We discuss and share books often. We overlap in a lot of genres. He reads a lot of books that relate to his passions (hobbies) but he also reads Civil War HF, biographies, outdoor writing, literary fiction, and more. He reads mostly before falling asleep so that means only a handful of pages a night — but he reads and loves books and is usually happy to build me new bookshelves.

  14. He reads…to the point that I actually looked for a house with an appropriate space for a library..He has the finished 3rd floor of our house..and we’re not sure if it’s enough room. I have a room also and already filled my 4 book cases (not individual shelves entire bookcases)
    love love love to read..

  15. I like to read (though it usually comes in stints from October to April).
    He doesn’t read anything that doesn’t have diagrams.
    I tried to get him to read Fight Club with no luck. I try and read his books and so far, the only one I could understand is “Why Buildings Fall Down”; which he needed for college, pre-2001.

  16. No, he is NOT. I did get him started on The Belgariad because I kept raving about how awesome it was, but it is taking him FOREVER. He only reads for 5-20 minutes before bed.

    To be fair, he reads copious amounts of computer stuff and says that he enjoys it.

  17. I’ve never dated a guy who was a really big reader and it’s definitely something I’d like in a relationship. In fact, I have very few friends that are really into books, which is interesting. It would be great to have more people in my life who love books as much as I do!

  18. My husband is only a reader if you count sports news sites on the internet and maybe one sports-related book per year, if that. If I could only change one thing about him, it would be to make him a reader. Instead, he’s a video-gamer, haha!

  19. No mine isn’t really a reader. We compromise though, I let him watch all his fishing programmes, if he lets me read quietly and doesn’t disturb me!

  20. My husband is a reader but he reads much slower than I do. His ADD prevents him from sitting very long to read and he’s smart enough to not over buy knowing that it will take him a long while to get thru the books he has. That said, he can easily spend as much time in a book store as I can–just not as much money!

  21. Ha! I love that the bookish hippy is your husband 🙂 Awesomeness!

    I guess I’m representing the single ladies here, but I’ll say this: when I’ve dated guys who weren’t into reading, it was a serious issue! My most recent boyfriend was a huge book nerd, like me, and we did enjoy snuggling up with our respective books (he was into graphic novels and such, while I’m strictly a fiction/lit/women’s fiction gal).

    Other boyfriends were a little, um, disdainful of reading — like it was a terrible addiction I had! Ridiculous, right? Because I’m not… addicted to reading… that’s crazy talk! Um.


  22. Hubby and I love exploring bookstores on our travels. 🙂 We both are readers and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In some things our tastes overlap and in other ways, not so much.

  23. Married to a non reader, he only reads what he has to for work…he mostly leaves me alone so I can read. I am not sure we could “afford” two readers LOL

  24. I am with a reader, too. He doesn’t read as much as me, but at least, he does! And he usually understands my love for books (although he sometimes give me the blasphemous “don’t you have enough books already?”)

    He reads mostly sci-fi and fantasy, so sometimes we read the same books. His taste in fantasy is similar to mine, so we even sometimes read the same thing! Since my previous boyfriend was an absolute non-reader, I do enjoy how precious it is that he shares a love for books, too.

  25. My bf and I have not been dating very long but he knows I am a big reader. I asked him about it because when I dated a non-reader it really bothered me we couldn’t share that love. My bf works a great deal and has a small child so he doesn’t get a lot of time to read, but he says he does read from time to time. Mostly manuals and how-to books, but, to me that is good. I will take it! I think reading is sexy and do not find guys who don’t read sexy at all, and not that intelligent, which makes them even less desirable, even if they look like Hugh Jackman.

  26. Yes, Mr. Gnoe is a reader. And now that he is commuting as well, he is working through his books much quicker than I am! So he keeps buying new ones that I want to read too: my Mt. TBR growing higher passively…

    When we go on a vacation we always take a pile of books that we both want to read: having fun in the proces of assembling the list.

  27. I wanted to add: I asked Mr. Gnoe for our first date when I spotted him reading ‘Dracula’ on a table at school (a long long time ago 😉

  28. I’m so sorry to say my husband is NOT a reader. I’ve worked and worked at it but it is hard to convert someone who doesn’t have a love for reading in the first place. I did get him to read all the Nelson DeMille books, a few Greg Iles books and he will read travel narratives (if they are along humorous lines … like Bill Bryson). He also reads books by members of the Howard Stern show (I tried to share his interest in this and read Artie Lange’s book “Too Fat to Fish” and I didn’t like it). Now he is into reading books about cruising and cruise ships — I don’t mind that topic but it is all he reads (many of them are self-published). I would say he reads maybe 8 books in a year (if that). I do wish he was a reader, but he has other qualities that make up for it. You are lucky to have a spouse that shares your love for books!

  29. Good question! The answer is NO & YES! My husband doesn’t sit down with a book EVER (mostly because English is his second language and he is a slow reader) but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like a good story. When I read a book I love then I order a copy of it on CD from the library for him to listen to on the way to work. Also, I have read almost all of the HP books to him out-loud!

  30. My partner is definitely a big reader and lover of books – one of the things that attracted me to him – but we read completely differents genres. Makes for an interesting household!

  31. NO. N-O he is NOT a reader. Never has been, and despite my numerous attempts he never will be. He does however enjoy underground magazines, and art magazines. I try to get him to read more of those.

    I wish he was a reader. I see his eyes gloss over when I start to talk about what I am reading, or when I get really into a book. Total bummer.

    But I love him to pieces still!

  32. No, he’s not a reader. The odd thing is, apparently when he was a kid, he was. His mom talks all the time about him reading under the covers. But it was always non-fiction, so maybe that’s why he hasn’t really kept up with reading. He’s a huge movie fan, though – his DVD collection fights my books for shelf space! And we recently had to give him a whole separate wall just to house all his cookbooks. He loves cookbooks. Lately, though, I’ve gotten him to listen to some of my favorite audiobooks.

  33. Yes, my husband is a reader. We don’t overlap a lot- some non-fiction and Jim Butcher mainly. He likes some fantasy (not just any fantasy!) and non-fiction, specifically baseball, WWII, and stuff like Blink. He reads very fast, but not constantly so we kinda even out in numbers.

  34. With the exception of Shakespeare and one Vince Flynn on CD, my husband is not a reader. My excitement over and non-stop collecting of more books than I could read in 5 years is a comical quirk from his viewpoint. I think he’s secretly afraid that our non-existent, future kids will be book nerds like my brother and I. I’m sure he’s already planning their hunting/fishing/four-wheeling/miscellaneous sports activities.

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