Book Review Calendar: Do You Have One?

Here at Book, Line, and Sinker, I make a valiant attempt to review four or five books each month.  My review books come from a variety of sources and to help me keep on track, I started using a calendar. (So high-tech, right?  Are you disappointed!?!) 

Now don’t think for a red-hot minute that I’m using any of the electronic calendars available at my fingertips.  Nope, it’s a good old fashioned Sharpie marker and paper calendar for this technical savant.


Yes, it’s true.  This is an actual photograph of book review schedule for May and June 2009, complete with scribble-outs and various notes on a camera I wanted for my birthday. 

My last post had something to do with guilt over TBRs and one blogger, SuziQ Oregon, amused me to no end with her comment about her TBR Spreadsheet.  It sounds way more organized than my feeble attempt to keep things straight over here.  

So, how do you keep your book reviews organized, or do you bother?  If you commit to reviewing books for publishers, publicists, or authors, do you just jot it down on your hand or do you have a fancy spreadsheet?  Spill the beans!

22 responses to “Book Review Calendar: Do You Have One?

  1. I do two things. First, I put review AND library copies on a Google spreadsheet with their due dates so I don’t completely forget anything or rack up big fines. Then I also put reviews onto my Google calendar so I can see how things are mapping out.

  2. I have a datebook to keep track of dates that I’ve obligated myself too and a spreadsheet to keep track of my inventory, for lack of a better word. I’m all for whatever works.

  3. Unfortunately, I’m not that organized which is why I have about 4 reviews – for other sites, mind you – that I have to do. I finally gave up trying to review every single book I read. If I did that, I’d do nothing but read and review! I just keep mine in a stack I ignore.

  4. I have a very simple formula: I read a book, then I review it. (I rarely accept anything for review so I’m only beholden to ME.)

  5. I’m still new at this so I’ve been reading a book and then reviewing it. But suddenly I find myself two books behind so I think some kind of organization system would help!

  6. I don’t keep a calendar for reviews as my blog isn’t exactly a review blog but a journal. I only write as I go along. When I’ve read something, I write about it that day or the next, doesn’t have to be a review, just a note that it’s what I’ve been reading is fine.

  7. When I get to the end of a month, I tell myself it’s time to review what I’ve read. Sometimes I drag my feet on this (like now) and sometimes I jump ahead & end up only having to do links in that end of the month review post.
    Now I want a calendar. Jealous of you.

  8. I just read a book and review it. I like to have two book reviews a week, so I will alternate larger books with smaller ones to fit with my own demands. I don’t review for anyone anymore as it was just too much pressure.

  9. I’m not that organized, either! It’s true that I don’t review a lot of books for book tours, so mostly it’s when I “feel like it”, but I try to do at least 2 or 3 every week. Your calendars are cute though! 🙂 I’ve always loved calendars and board on which you can write with sharpies!

  10. wow, I am an ad-hoc kind of gal. Tours go into the pocket calendar, but that’s about it. I plan to work on an inventory of books someday!

  11. A calendar! Huh. Is it pathetic that, um, that never even occurred to me?!

    I have a shelf in my room with all of the books I’ve been sent for review, and I take little sticky notes and write the date by which I’ve promised to review them (along with any notes about needing to send the publicist a link, or when it’s actually being published, etc.). Then I just kind of keep all that in my head… which is probably a bad idea. Maybe that’s why I’m stressed so easily!

  12. Don’t keep a calendar because I rarely do review books, so there’s no need. I do have a page in my TPR spreadsheet that has an everchanging ‘read next’ list of the next 5 or 6 books I’d like to read. I never feel locked into that, though. With a blog named “Whimpulsive” what else would you expect? 😉

  13. I keep a google calendar with all of my blog tour books in it. There generally aren’t many, so it doesn’t feel too overwhelming. If there is something important that I also must read, or if I’ve promised a review by a certain date, I’ll stick it on there also, but mostly I go by the dates on the covers if I haven’t been directly in contact with someone.

    I’ve never been one to write out dates on physical calendars in the first place! Mostly I get them for the pictures. 😉 I had a friend in middle school who wrote everything on her calendar and it perplexed me a little because I had totally never thought to do that with calendars. Isn’t that sad? LOL.

  14. Love your calendar. How cute! I’m still at the “read a book and reiveiw it” stage. Since I try to review two a week, it’s working pretty well.

  15. I really hate being obligated to review a book by a certain date, but on the odd occasion when I do agree to participate in a book blog tour, I use Google Calendar, which has a handy dandy email reminder feature. On the whole, though, I much prefer doing reviews by the seat of my pants. Which kind of explains why I have a stack of already-read books waiting for reviews.

    I just love visiting here – you always ask the most interesting questions!

  16. I don’t review books for anyone but me so I don’t have dates to keep in mind. I do aim to do one review a week, but it’s not scheduled. I have a little weekly to do pad that update throughout the week. I often reuse it for two weeks so you can see last weeks unfinished stuff on it. I’ll make a tentative idea of what I want to blog for each day, but I rarely keep to it.

    Also, your calendar would KILL me for ending at Mm.

  17. I have a bookshelf on Goodreads titled “TBR Pronto”. I just add them to the shelf and put the info I need in notes and I am good to go.

  18. I keep a spreadsheet that gives me due dates of library books, when reading challenges are meant to be finished by and which books I am thinking of reading for it, and dates that I have to have things ready for. Most of the time it works for me but every now and again I miss something.

  19. I have a calendar similiar to yours. Helps me keep track of the posts for the book club I am running at my blog.

  20. Want to know my system? When I am done reading a book, I put it in a pile and then pull the book on the top off to review it. I usually write my reviews on the weekends and post at least one a week. If I have a commitment (review copy or something), I’ll just make sure it is on top of the pile. Now don’t you feel better????

  21. I write tours and promised dates on my calendar and the rest of the pile is some kind of organized chaos…. okay, full chaos. I need to get organized.

  22. I use the calendar at Microsoft works and that works for me! As soon as I sign up for a tour or a review book, I start the post and then schedule it for the date so I can see how things are looking for the month just by hitting edit posts.

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