Coming Attractions: What Books Are You Looking Forward To?

Surfing around, I came across Barnes and Noble’s Coming Soon list of books.  Because your TBR pile isn’t towering high enough and I wouldn’t want you to miss any upcoming releases, I took the liberty of posting a partial list, including starred** (and highlighted) ones that I’m eager to get my paws on. 

Aside from the books below, anything you’re hoping to read in the next few months?  Do tell!

Week of August 10

  • Intervention by Robin Cook
  • Once on a Moonless Night by Dai Sijie
  • Smash Cut by Sandra Brown
  • Too Good to be True: The Rise and Fall of Bernie Madoff by Erin Arvedlund
  • Week of August 17

  • The White Queen by Philippa Gregory
  • Baking Cakes in Kigali: A Novel by Gaile Parkin
  • Teaching Hope: Stories from the Freedom Writers Teachers by The Freedom Writers
  • Vanished by Joseph Finder
  • Week of August 24

  • Strength in What Remains by Tracy Kidder
  • Tricks by Ellen Hopkins
  • Week of August 31

  • Catching Fire (Hunger Games Series #2) by Suzanne Collins **
  • The Death of Bunny Munro by Nick Cave
  • On the Line by Serena Williams
  • Spartan Gold by Clive Cussler
  • Spire by Richard North Patterson
  • Week of September 7

  • The Last Song by Nicolas Sparks
  • Dark Visions: The Strange Power; The Possessed; The Passion by L.J. Smith
  • Day after Night by Anita Diamant
  • Dexter by Design by Jeff Lindsay
  • A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore
  • The Guinea Pig Diaries: My Life as an Experiment by A. J. Jacobs  
  • Week of September 14 and Beyond

  • The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
  • September 15: Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman by Jon Krakauer
  • September 22: An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon
  • September 22: Pilgrims: A Wobegon Romance by Garrison Keillor
  • September 22: Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood
  • September 28: The Murder of King Tut by James Patterson
  • September 29: Arguing with Idiots: America’s Next Epic Battle: 1776 vs. 1984 by Glenn Beck
  • September 29: Have a Little Faith: The True Story of a Last Request by Mitch Albom
  • September 29: Her Fearful Symmetryby Audrey Niffenegger ** 
  • October 6: Manhood for Amateurs: The Pleasures and Regrets of a Husband, Father, and Son by Michael Chabon
  • October 6: Three Feet from Gold: An Inspiring Story of Perseverance by Sharon L. Lechter
  • October 12: Diary of a Wimpy Kid #4 by Jeff Kinney
  • November 3: Ford County by John Grisham
  • November 3: Our Choice by Al Gore
  • November 10: Under the Dome: A Novel by Stephen King
  • 12 responses to “Coming Attractions: What Books Are You Looking Forward To?

    1. A lot of those books sound great. I’d love to get my hands on the new Sue Monk Kidd title.

    2. I already have one of the above as an ARC (Alex Cross’s Trial), and I’ll be reading and reviewing it next week. It will be the first James Patterson I’ve read.

      Also, coming out next week but not listed is Amigoland by Oscar Casares. I HIGHLY recommend it.

      As for the rest, I’ve think I’ll be keeping an eye out for The Death of Bunny Munro and Her Fearful Symmetry. Especially the latter as I loved The Time Traveler’s Wife.

      Great work putting this post together. I think. Because now I have to buy yet another bin to hold those books that don’t fit on my TBR shelves. [headdesk]

    3. I didn’t know Philippa Gregory had a new book coming out! It’s crazy that I spend a vast amount of time daily reading about book-related things on the Internet, and yet I still manage to miss all sorts of stuff. Then I start feeling despondent that I’m never going to be on the cutting edge of the literary world 🙂 haha

      This is an incredibly useful list — thanks for posting!

    4. Catching Fire – I am desperate.

    5. Wow! These all sound great. I have a list a mile long of books I’m dying to read and now I think I’m going to have to add a few after looking at your list! 🙂

    6. I am looking forward to Anita Diamant’s novel. She has contacted me to ask if I want a copy. There are not many there. The other is Phillipa Gregory, and the author of Time Traveler’s Wife. That is about it.

    7. Thanks for the post and adding to my TBR list! I was already looking forward to the new books from Doctrow, Niffenegger, Atwood and Diamant.

    8. Ooo, I’m definitely looking forward to Atwood’s new book!

    9. Well this was just mean. 😉

      Baking Cakes in Kigali is calling my name.

    10. I am currently reading The Kitchen God’s Wife by Amy Tan and LOVE it, I love a good story. As far as books that I want to read…Catching Fire, The Shadow of the Wind, Purple Hibiscus, Unaccustomed Earth, and Q&A are REALLY calling me!

      How do you schedule out your books so far in advance, if I plan it then I want to rebel against my schedule and not read what is on it, I feel too tied down. How do you do it? I need some help, I would love to be more organized!

    11. Thanks for sharing this!!! I’m a huge A.J. Jacobs fan and I’m salivating for his new one. And I didn’t know Audry Niffenegger had a new one … I’m looking forward to that for sure. And Jon Krakauer hasn’t disappointed me yet so I’m looking for that one as well. Good thing my birthday is coming up!

    12. I am SOOOOOOO looking forward to reading Mitch Albom’s forthcoming book, HAVE A LITTLE FAITH. I’ve read excerpts online, and saw Mitch’s You Tube Video talking about the book (check it out if you haven’t seen it yet). It looks like it’s gonna be a good one!

      Has anyone here read an advance copy yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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