Midnight In The Garden: A Road Trip

Did I mention my little road trip to Daytona Beach, Disney World, and Savannah?  Well, it’s happening right now!  I left last Thursday and drove from NJ to FL in one day.  Treated my younger cousin (freshie at a college in Daytona) to a whirlwind Disney weekend.

Tonight finds me in one if my favorite American cities: Savannah, GA.  ‘The Book’, as it’s locally known, gave me my first introduction .  My mom and I made our first trip down in 2001 and this marks my fourth trip.

‘Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil’ may have inspired my inital visit, but this unique and charming city keeps drawing me back.

Has a book (or movie) ever inspired you to travel?

P.S. Hyatt hotel, are you serious with your $10 wi-fi charge?  Will you charge for AIR next?

P.P.S.  I totally circumvented the ludicrous fee by typing this post on my iPhone…so suck an egg, Hyatt!

14 responses to “Midnight In The Garden: A Road Trip

  1. I love anything Disney and I’ve never been to Georgia. Have a wonderful time and so glad your iPhone bailed you out of a tough spot.

  2. Gotta love our iPhones! 🙂 How perfect are they!?!

    Hope you have fun on your trip!

  3. I love Savannah, especially because it’s so walkable. And gorgeous. It’s definitely got atmosphere.

  4. Ender’s Game inspired me to move to North Carolina. (OSC’s description of the forest just stuck with me.)

    Meanwhile, NJ to FL in one shot?!? I don’t know whether to be impressed or horrified.

    • Oh, Hayden…such a road trip fly-weight you are! It was only 15 hours and I passed the time listening to a book. Now Vegas to Jersey in 2.5 days–that was serious driving! Miss you and can’t wait to stop by your blog when I get home (to FREE wi-fi). I need a dose or two of inspiration and motivation.

  5. I love Savannah too! The hotel we stayed in in New York charged for wi-fi too. Needless to say, we didn’t use it.

  6. I would love to visit Savannah – I am so jealous.
    I hope you are having a fabulous time and got to have your picture taken with Mickey.

  7. uuummm what I read totally makes me want to travel…I just wish I had sustainable funds to do all the traveling! Also, I loved the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” and it is on my winter reading list. (Yes I do a winter And summer reading list). This winter’s list are all books that have been turned into movies (Midnight’s the only one that I’ve seen the movie before reading the book…our little secret ;)) Also, the author has another one out it is, I believe, “City of Falling Angels.”

  8. Hooray for Savannah! Yes, I made a trip there after reading the book. Nice work on the iPhone post. I agree. . .charging for WiFi is crazy!

  9. Every time I read a book taking place in London or in Italy, I want to travel too! I haven’t actually gone to these places, but I certainly hope to one day.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your trip! 😀

  10. Note to self: The book that inspires you to travel might also be your own. Pick a setting for your story, then go there. Places are so much more interesting when you’re going to write them and settings in book are so much more interesting when you’ve been there.

    Sammy (new topic), yes, yes, yes! Books and their movies in either order. I have learned an incredible amount about honing in on story by seeing how screenwriters focus a novel into a movie. No kidding. It’s a seminar for sharpening a story (and for deleting unneeded characters).

    The Firm, for example. As wonderfully delicious as the novel is, the screenwriter(s) tightened it further and heightened emotional involvement with some simple moves (sending the wife to the island along with the secretary! Man, did it work!)

  11. Way to stick it to the man — loving it! I refuse to pay for WiFi, either. I cart my iPod touch around and mooch off any and every signal I can get — and there’s not much any of those punks can do about it! Mwahaha!

    Hope your trip continues to be awesome!

  12. Reading Memoirs of a Geisha really made me want to visit Japan, the culture and history of the country was so beautifully painted!

  13. Wi-fi fee? That’s crazy–doesn’t even Super 8 have free wi-fi?

    After I read “The Book,” I wanted to go there. Still do. Maybe someday. And while I’m on a tour of cities Berendt has written about, I’m reading over to Venice as well.

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