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Blogging My Days Away

I recently read a startling statistic about internet addiction and faced the fact that I, too, am hooked on the internet.  Typically, I spend about 3 hours each night (M-Th) online, usually from 9p-12a, in addition to checking in on my blogs and email from my phone or work computer a few times during the day. 

In my own defense, we don’t have television here at the Amish Beach House (and haven’t for 9 years), so I get my news and entertainment online.  But still–3 hours 4 days a week?!  I’m averaging 13 hours a week online (with weekends), writing blog posts, commenting, writing reviews, watching the news, and surfing in general.  Total up all those hours and it adds up to roughly 4 weeks–ONE MONTH–of usage per year. *sigh*

Before Christmas (when Santa brought me an iPhone), I could only check in when I was near a computer.  Now I’m online while waiting at the Jiffy Lube or the grocery store.  I send emails from wherever I happen to be. 

I don’t log on as often during the weekend (except right now when I’m trying to avoid organizing the basement and garage) because my husband and I take day trips or have local adventures.  My weekend usage might be about 2 hours total.  I know that this is true for other bloggers too because my readership decreases on the weekends.

The thought of a power or internet provider failure strikes fear into my heart.  I’m going camping on a school trip in two weeks and know for a fact that there isn’t a cell-tower for many, many miles and I will be cut off from everything.  Will I survive?  It remains to be seen.

I can’t believe that I’m alone with my heavy internet usage.  On average, how much time to you spend online each week?