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‘Til Books Do Us Part: Is Your Partner a Reader?

My husband and I have been together for 17 years this September–that’s 119 dog years–and I’m only (a freshly-minted) 35!  Since the beginning, we’ve shared a love of reading, though he’s not quite as obsessed as I am.

While traveling this summer, we spent many evenings poking around book stores, and made a special trip to Hobart, NY–the book capital of the Adirondacks–where there are more bookstores than people, or so it seems. 

Ant was content to wander around the bookstore while I snuggled in a leather club chair reading Janet Evanovich’s newest Stephanie Plum novel–I finished it on our third trip to the store!  (I know that I squawked against the series a few posts ago but couldn’t resist!)  It should be noted that we did spend a fair amount of money at the bookstore during our three visits, so I wasn’t a complete parasite.

So, if you’re attached, is your partner/spouse/significant other a reader?  Do you wish he or she was? 


For the record, the bookish hippy IS my husband.  :)

For the record, the bookish hippy IS my husband. 🙂