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Book Blogs: What are your favorite features?

I spend lots of time visiting other bloggers’ pages in my efforts to idle away time at work night.  There are some really cool features and extras that some bloggers have on their pages.  And then there are some not-so-cool features.  (But of course these are just my own personal pet-peeves and I still visit blogs that have these features.) 

In the blogging community in general, I find the follwoing the most annoying things on blogs:

  • Music: I love music…but don’t relish a musical assault when blog-hopping.
  • Fort Knox Security: Why, oh, why do I have to enter nonsense words, the name of my first-born, and my mother’s maiden name to leave you a comment.  It makes me want to weep a little (and not leave you a comment, but I do anyway).  *Update: Apparently, Blogger uses word verification to prevent spam.  I never knew…and all this time I thought it was just to torture me. Ha!
  • Long Posts: I don’t mind a long post (400+ words) every few days, but can’t commit to reading War and Peace every time I drop by. 
  • Stalker Widget: I get so nervous from the widget that says, “Nat @ Book, Line, and Sinker just arrived from Anytown, USA.”  It’s just too stalkerish to me.

My book blog is new and I’ve been doing a ton of book-blog visiting–such clever stuff out there!  I haven’t had the time or energy to figure out how to install the features, but appreciate them.  Here are some of my favorites:

  • Bookshelf Feature: Shows off what books the blogger is reading.
  • What I’m Reading Slideshow: Small images of book covers that flash by.  Much more sophisticated than my sidebar still pictures.
  • Rating System: I love when bloggers have a rating system.  Sometimes I don’t have enough time to read an entire review and the rating system makes life easier.

So, what are some of your favorite (or LEAST) favorite book blog (or regular blog) features?  Have at it!