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The Waiting Is the Hardest Part: Reqesting ARCs instead.

Author’s note: After writing this post, I started obsessing about ARC decorum.  I’m new to book blogging  and fear that maybe I made a faux pas by directly contacting an author and agent for ARCs.  Perhaps my gauche move will single-handedly result in the collapse of the book blogging community…or invoke plagues…or swarms of locusts. 

Two of my favorite authors have new books coming out in the next few months.  I’ve being waiting for one–the fifth and final in a series–since August of 2007.  That’s an awful lot of waiting, if you ask me.  And patience never was one of my virtues. 

I learned that many people in book blogging circles obtain advanced reading copies (ARCs) of books from publishers.  No one really mentioned HOW to get ARCs and it seemed pretty cloak-and-dagger.  I decided to be direct; I contacted the author of the series and politely groveled for an ARC.  I told her about my new book blog and expressed my desire to read and review the book.  I also admitted I couldn’t wait a nanosecond longer to find out the ending. 

Imagine my surprise when she responded, saying she’d be happy to furnish me with a copy.  (I had a short email exchange with her a few years ago when the first book came out and I went out to a reading too, so it wasn’t like I was just a book grubber.) 

And so, spurred on by this saintly author’s kindness, I contacted an agent who represents another of my favorite authors, requesting a copy of her newest release.  I met the agent a few weeks ago when she taught a class I took in New York.  I was positively giddy this afternoon after receiving her affirmative response via email.

I can’t be the only reader to froth over ARCs, right?  What books have you been most excited to score?  Are there any books looming on the horizon that you just can’t wait to get your paws on?  Spill!!