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Talk Me Down: I’m on the Twitter Fence.

Thank you to everyone for their comments, advice, and direction.  I’ve made my Twitter decision–you can see if I’m going to ‘drink the Kool-Aid’ or not HERE.

Last fall, I started hearing some noise about Twitter; I ignored the hype and continued my little life blog, thinking nothing of it.  Fast forward to March 2009 and my new book blog:  Twitter is all the rage over here in book-blogging land!

To be honest, I briefly considered joining Twitter after Christmas to keep up with my life blog buddies, but it seemed too absurd.  My blog was enough of a time suckage; I don’t have Facebook for that very reason. 

With my introduction to book blogging, Twitter seems to be an invaluable tool–I miss many discussions and buzz because I don’t ‘tweet’ or ‘follow’.  (I don’t even understand the lingo!!!!)

Could you please take a mo’ and argue FOR or AGAINST Twitter?  Do you use it?  How does it help or detract from your book blogging?  Why do so many book bloggers love it?  Will joining improve my book awareness or something? 

I’m on the Twitter fence and have to jump one way or the other.