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Giveaway: You’ve got to be in it to WIN it!

Are you looking for a fun and sassy read to usher in summer?  Look no further because I have just what the doctor ordered! 

looseNadine Dajani’s newest novel, Cutting Loose, introduces “three women who are as different as could be–or at least that’s what they think–and the men who’ve turned their lives upside as their paths collide in sizzling, sexy Miami…”

I’ll be reviewing this book on Friday and have one copy to give away.  To be entered in this giveaway, please leave a comment and tell me what YOU do to realax, or ‘cut loose’.  I’ll select a winner with Random.org on Monday, June 8th.  International bloggers welcome!  Good luck!

Shameless Promotion: The Jessica Darling Series

firstsLong before Stephenie Meyer dreamed up her vampire heart-throb, Edward Cullen, there was Megan McCafferty’s tempting-yet-forbidden Marcus Flutie.  I first met Marcus in 2001, while browsing in Books-A-Million in Florida.  He was tucked away in the pages of a novel with a splashy cover that featured a pair of legs and an origami-style folded note—the kind you passed to your friends back in high school.

I picked up the book and read the plot blurb and author’s biography.  McCafferty’s a fellow New Jersey resident and Sloppy Firsts was her debut novel.  On a whim, I bought the book and returned to my parents’ house with few expectations.

Two hours later found me poolside and engrossed in a realistic and intelligently written novel about Jessica Darling, a teenager from New Jersey.  The novel was written in the first person, journal-entry style.  Like Bella from Twilight, Jessica’s love interest seems to be a dangerous and ill-suited match.  It’s a classic case of good girl falls for bad boy.

I’m hesitant to categorize the Jessica Darling series (for there are four more books that follow Sloppy Firsts) as YA just because Jessica is a teenager at the start of the series.  She is a dynamic character, maturing and changing as the novels progress.  By Perfect Fifths, she’s a working woman in her mid-twenties and we’ve seen her through high school, college, her first job, and new job that is almost custom-made for her.  These books hold appeal to a wider audience than just the YA crowd. 

Her friendships and romantic relationships develop and transform as she ages her relationship with Marcus faces one frustration and obstacle after another.  Can the couple relationship nirvana.  Will it happen in Perfect Fifths?  You’ll have to wait until April 14th to find out!  (I’ll be reviewing it here next week.)

To pass the time, you can try reading a book that falls between genres, as the novels in this series do.  I would suggest reading them in order to get the full scope of Jessica’s feelings and the landscape of her relationships: Sloppy Firsts, Second Helpings, Charmed Thirds, and Fourth Comings. 

You can also pop over to Megan’s blog to see what she has to say.  She’ll be signing copies of Perfect Fifths on April 14th in (where else?!) New Jersey at Barnes & Noble Princeton Marketfair from 7:30-8:30pm.  After that, she’ll be in NYC, Stamford, CT, DC/Metro area, and LA.  See her page for event details.


Review: Time of My Life

time-of-my-lifeTitle: Time of My Life

Author: Allison Winn Scotch

Genre: Chick-Lit; 283 pages

Copyright: 2008

Rating: 1.5 Bookmarks


I love the cover of this book, the pink and green caught my eye from the shelf at the library, and I was smitten.  The premise seemed pretty straight forward:  Affluent, suburban mom Jillian Westfield comes down with a powerful case of the “What Ifs” after learning her old boyfriend is getting married.

(note to self: Stop reading books just because you like the cover.) 

The last few books I reviewed here were selected solely on the cover art and all left me uninspired*. 

Maybe Time of My Life didn’t speak to me because I married my college sweetheart and we don’t have kids.  I never had a ‘one that got away’ boyfriend and the dynamic of our relationship hasn’t shifted by the addition of children. I don’t wake up each day wondering how I ended up living the Stepford lifestyle because happily for me, I don’t.

When Jillian finds herself magically transported back in time 7 years, able to relive her past, she takes a cab to her home in search of her toddler daughter, Katie.  But Jillian doesn’t live in her McMansion yet. And Katie hasn’t been born because Jillian hasn’t met her husband.

Is this my house? Is it the house of my future?…It seems insane, to come back here…but Katie!  I can’t just leave Katie!  What if she’s here?  What if I’ve fallen down some mind-bending rabbit-hole and this is an LSD trip gone bad?  

Simultaneously, there’s an abandonment sub-plot while the author manages to tackle myriad family and parenting issues along the way. Ultimately Jillian comes to a decision on which life she is destined (and desires) to lead.

The book is a quick read and does have appeal.  If you enjoy mainstream chick-lit, or secretly wish you could rewind a part of your life and get a do-over, you’d probably get a kick out of Time of My Life.

Have you read this book?  If so, what did you think?  Or do you have a ‘One That Got Away’ story for me?  I’d love to hear it…

*For the record, I’m an upbeat and positive person.  I don’t enjoy writing negative reviews and it’s mere coincidence that my first few have been critical.