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‘Corner’ing the Market: My new favorite bookmark

bookmark hairtieA few months ago, I wrote a post about bookmarks in which I lamented the fact that I own dozens of bookmarks and don’t use any of them (see inset photo–that’s a ponytail holder, friends). Well, all of that changed with a simple gift from Erica, a thoughtful and crafty blogging buddy.  Apparently, she’s also an Origami master, if these bookmarks are any indication!

Behold, the most fabulous bookmarks ever!  Admittedly, they don’t look like much from this vantage point…but wait until you see what they do.

bookmarks close both

Do you see the sheer genius of this design?  The bookmark fits snugly on the corner of the page–a seamless bookmark.  The triangle opens like a little mouth and closes around the corner of a book page.  When the book is closed, the corner-hugger doesn’t jut out of the book or damage the spine.  These bookmarks are my new favorite thing.  I just had to share.

bookmark corner close

Oh, and I finished my first book of the ‘Off the Deep End’ Summer Reading Challenge!  Only 29 more to go.

***UPDATE: Erica was kind enough to crete a diagram clearly illustrating how to create these fabulous bookmarks for us!!!  Click HERE to view.  Thanks, Erica!***

Hold That Page: Do You Use a Bookmark?

As an English teacher and avid reader, friends, family, and students often give me book-themed gifts.  To that end, I’ve amassed quite a collection of bookmarks. 

I have traditional paper bookmarks with images of Shakespeare or flowers emblazoned on them; I have ribbon bookmarks with beads and trinkets dangling from the end; I have metal bookmarks that are essentially ornate paperclips.  What I’m trying to say is that I have whole drawers (or draws as we say in Jersey) full of bookmarks.

So, are you ready for the punchline, or did you see it coming from a mile off? 

I rarely, if ever, use any of the bookmarks.  Usually, I  grab whatever’s handy to mark my place–a ponytail holder, a bill, a stray piece of grosgrain ribbon, or even a dollar or coin. 

I’m not sure why I don’t use my bookmarks–maybe because I don’t have them handy when I’m reading?  What I can tell you is that under no circumstances will I dog-ear a page or leave the book open to my page, face down, in a cruel, spine breaking Russian-split.  (I can hear the book screaming in agony and protest!)

I’m not persnickety when it comes to marking my pages and will grab whatever’s handy…but how about YOU?  Are you a spine-breaker?  A dog-ear-er?  Or do you have a favorite bookmark that you just can’t live without?