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Neither a borrower nor a lender be: Part II

Following up on my ‘labeling books’ post, I wanted to mention the book lending system I use in my classroom library.  My students find this ‘old-fasioned’ system quaint and I can keep tabs on my books–win, win!  I found this kit at Borders a few years back, but it’s also available online for about $16 USD at Knock-Knock.  I lurve that company and could spend a small fortune on their website!

 (Sorry, I forgot to include the ‘due date stamper’ in my photo!)

lending kit

For those of you too young to know about this ‘old-skool’ system, when a student borrows a book, he/she signs and dates the white card and gives it to you, creating a record of that books are out.  Additionally, you stamp the lined portion of the envelope with a due date so the student (or friend) knows when to return the book!  Fun, right? 

Would you ever use something like this? 

Knock, Knock. Who’s There? A new mousepad!

In the last few days, many book bloggers have been talking about where they write down the books they are interested in reading.  I commented on a few blogs that I jot down book suggestions in a cheap-o, spiral-bound notebook, but after a fun shopping trip today I’ve got a new mouse pad–and it’s multi-functional!

Technically, it’s a website note mouse pad…but I’ve modified it to suit my purposes.  I’ll be able to zip around the blog world and write down books, authors, and blogs that catch my interest!  The mouse pad is produced by Knock Knock and I love it already.  Take a peek!