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Neither a borrower nor a lender be: Part II

Following up on my ‘labeling books’ post, I wanted to mention the book lending system I use in my classroom library.  My students find this ‘old-fasioned’ system quaint and I can keep tabs on my books–win, win!  I found this kit at Borders a few years back, but it’s also available online for about $16 USD at Knock-Knock.  I lurve that company and could spend a small fortune on their website!

 (Sorry, I forgot to include the ‘due date stamper’ in my photo!)

lending kit

For those of you too young to know about this ‘old-skool’ system, when a student borrows a book, he/she signs and dates the white card and gives it to you, creating a record of that books are out.  Additionally, you stamp the lined portion of the envelope with a due date so the student (or friend) knows when to return the book!  Fun, right? 

Would you ever use something like this?