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The Dejection of Rejection

Last month, after a mere 270 days of editing, I submitted my first-ever piece of literature for publication to Highlights Magazine. 

On Saturday, I received my first-ever rejection letter from Highlights Magazine. 

I’ve come full circle. 

The Editors tried to soften the blow with a form letter telling me that I was “competing with hundreds of other authors” when I sent in my manuscript. 

I was not comforted by this information.  I wanted to be the CHOSEN one.  I wanted Ed McMahon to show up at my door with balloons, an over-sized check, a limo, and a magnum of champagne. 


My husband tried to bolster my spirits, noting that my form letter didn’t indicate that my story lacked focus or had weak characters.  And yes, it helped a bit.  I know it wasn’t realistic to think I’d be published on my first submission, but a teeny part of me desperately hoped it would be so.

So, it’s back to the proverbial drawing board for me.  I am going to send the piece out to a few other children’s magazines and see how it goes.  I have another story idea on tap and will settle down to write it after we return from our summer road trip at the end of July.  Wish me luck!