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School Days: D.E.A.R.

Today is the last day of school and I feel as (or more) excited than the students at the prospect of a long and languorous summer stretching out before me.  When I think back on my own school days, one of my fondest memories is of a special reading program that we had at my elementary school.

During the last 20 minutes of the day, our school participated in D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read).  D.E.A.R. was my favorite time of day and I looked forward to it each afternoon.  The 20 minutes passed in the blink of an eye and I’d have to wait until tomorrow to find out how the chapter ended.

My grammar school had a fabulous librarian who went on to author several books on how to motivate students to read.   My love of reading was fostered in that school and I’m thankful for the wonderful reading programs they introduced while I was a student. 

I always wonder if my school was the only one that instituted special reading programs to motivate emerging readers.  I work in a high school and many of my students dislike reading.  I can’t help but wonder if their primary schools offered such innovative programs like D.E.A.R, Summer Reading Challenges, Scholastic Book Fairs, Readers’ Theater, and dozens of other literacy-based activities that my school provided.

How about your school years?  Were you encouraged to read by teachers and librarians? Did your school offer special programs?

*CONGRATULATIONS to Vivienne from Serendipity–she was the winner the copy of Cutting Loose!