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Review: Reunion by Therese Fowler

reunionTitle: Reunion

Author: Therese Fowler

Genre/Pages: Fiction; 313 pages

Publication: Ballantine Books; 3/24/2009

Rating: 3.5 BOOKMARKS


Reunion opens with a flashback: Harmony Blue Kucharski finds herself, at 19, unmarried and about to give birth to a baby she gives up for adoption, a decision that will haunt her for the next 20-odd years, despite her rise to celebrity as a television talk-show host.  

After giving her son up for adoption and repackaging herself as Blue Reynolds, her persistence and hard work pay off with a successful career as a talk show host.  Blue’s regrets and need to know what became of her son ultimately lead her to discovering who she really is and what really matters in life.

This book was such a terrfic vehicle to usher in the summer!  Reading Reunion put me in the mood for sandy beaches and vacation.  The exposition is mainly Chicago and Key West, but references to the Middle East are also peppered through the novel. 

Fowler’s writing was descriptive and the imagery made Key West come to life for me–so much so that I’m planning to visit in the fall.  Additionally, the use of bird imagery brought to mind freedom–especially when one character mentions that macaws are sometimes set free in Key West.  To me it was a symbolic parallel of Blue being set free from her cage (celebrity lifestyle, painful past) after impulsively buying a home in Key West.

The title Reunion is so apt–Blue not only reunites with an old flame, but also with an old mentor and his wife, her sister, mother, and most importantly, Blue reunites with herself–Harmony Blue.  While reuniting with her 19-year-old self, she finally forgives the decisions she made in the past.  With that forgiveness comes her ability to open herself to love and be loved, to live and enjoy life, which she does with abandon.

Thanks to Dorothy at Pump Up Your Book Promotion for the opportunity to review Reunion!